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SystaMedic Inc.: A Leader and Partner in Drug Discovery


Systamedic’s technology platform allows determination of pharmacological equivalencies for most known medicines and experimental drugs. Having this capability along with expertise in prodrug design provides SystaMedic with unique capabilities in indications discovery and drug repositioning. With a wide array of scientific expertise, SystaMedic is positioned to impact all aspects of drug discovery.


Products and Services

Company Platform

Strategic Partnerships

Consultancy service.

Construction and analysis of biological networks.

Prodrug design.

Risk analysis of drug candidates/licensing targets.

Mechanism discovery.

Indication discovery.

Target discovery.

Translational Medicine.

Text mining.

Data visualization.

Proprietary databases for cross correlating proteomics/clinical effect data (>10,000 molecules). Analysis platform for interpreting complex/heterogeneous biological data. Staff experts in drug discovery, design and medicinal chemistry. Capability for integrating text mining data into experimental work flows.


SystaMedic partners include small and large companies and academic institutions in the health care field. SystaMedic provides value to its partners by leveraging its know-how and expertise in systems-based drug discovery.