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Drug design synthesis outsourcing.

Comparison of receptor binding profiles (biospectra).

Network analysis.

Signaling/ Information Exchange/ Protein networks.

Comparison/prediction clinical effects of medicines.

The majority of experimental medicines never reach the market because of unanticipated findings in clinical trials. The root cause of these failures is the inadequacy of current methodology for dealing with the complexity of biological systems. SystaMedic has the resources to investigate and resolve drug discovery and development issues at all stages. In addition, SystaMedic has developed a systems-based approach for complex biological analyses and has identified pharmacologic equivalencies amongst over 10,000 drugs, natural products, NCE’s and failed development candidates by translating broad and heterogeneous preclinical and clinical information embedded in millions of studies into standardized information spectra and uses this information to tackle important problems facing drug discovery scientists today. SystaMedic’s competitive advantage is that its staff has spent years  in the pharmaceutical industry and its scientists have been refining this systems-based approach for close to a decade.