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SystaMedic Inc.

Intelligent Decisions, Insights and Innovative Technologies
to Transform Health & Wellness

SystaMedic Inc. has developed a revolutionary tool, IFA (Information Flow Analysis) for analyzing and predicting Emergent Behavior resulting from dynamic network - network interactions

IFA applies principles of information theory & topological data analysis

IFA creates topologically constrained networks from disparate biological information to analyze cause-effect dynamics of drug or stimuli globally

Our Mission Is To Provide Solutions To Drug Discovery & Development, Health, Nutrition & Wellness Using IFA In Order To Benefit Consumers By Improving Quality & Longevity Of Life

To improve solutions for health, nutrition and wellness by facilitating science and data driven product development.

SystaMedic Inc is a Technology company and has developed a systems-based approach for complex biological analysis that enables the cross correlation of drug, disease, proteomic, genomic and clinical effect information. By deploying the proprietary data mining algorithm and data visualisation tools, SystaMedic’s technology platform first generates target, pathway, network and effect fingerprints (biospectra) associated with medicines and diseases, then sorts, visualises and compares these fingerprints.
The platform has been proven effective in predicting side effects, molecular structure and primary pharmacology of medicines, and is now being further deepened to include Nutritional Supplements and Functional Foods, Generics and Fixed Dose Combinations, Animal Health Products, Herbal and Traditional Medicines ,Cosmecautical Products

SystaMedic Inc’s Information Flow Analytics (IFA*) is a Game Changer.

IFA* is the only Systems Pharmacology Platform capable of analysing the complex pharmacology of ingredients, herbs and traditional medicines resulting in efficient, cost and time saving product development applications

* Patented technology

SystaMedic provides significant Client Benefits in design & development of Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods

Analysis of ingredient at molecular level to determine the benefits of health and disease prevention or cure. Model can predict increase in efficiency and productivity, thus reducing cost. Pre-screening of ingredients based on chemical analysis and efficacy. 

Return on investment based on health and wellness benefits using IFA technology


Product formulations designed to provide benefits and rationale for addressing specific health of disease ailment. Model can predict increase in efficiency and productivity, thus reducing cost.

A science based analytical benefit of using this product or ingredients which can only be provided using our technology


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