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EI - Emergent Intelligence for Emergent Behavior Analysis

New paradigm for “Mega Data” Analysis in Life Sciences

SystaMedic Inc’s EI Tool: Information Flow Analytics (IFA)

What is Emergent Behavior and Emergent Intelligence ?

EI is Overall Analysis of Emergent behavior – Beyond Artificial Intelligence
Emergent behavior  is behavior of a system that does not depend on its individual parts, but on their relationships to one another. The emergent behavior can only be predicted by understanding the parts and their relationships.

Difference between EI and AI

Emergent behavior is any behavior of a system that is not a property of any of the components of that system. That is, a property that emerges due to interactions among the components of a system, as mentioned below. For example, flocking is not the behavior of an individual bird. Likewise, Emergent Intelligence (EI) is a global property and surpasses the scope of traditional AI. In that, AI is a probabilistic approach requiring large amounts of comparable observations as training sets. Since biological systems are non-linear, there is a general lack of information which cannot be captured in AI.  

EI is much broader, many order magnitude and goes beyond the capability of AI and its related technologies such as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI, Deep Learning (DL). etc.  

EI Tool
Information Flow Analytics (IFA)

Information Flow in human body is complex and multidirectional similar to Emergent Behavior: 

When you take a drug (Cause), it affects the body (Effect) at many levels: Molecular, Cellular, Tissue, Organ, Organism level - Multi Directional. 


IFA : Technology for Global Analysis of Complex Biological Systems. 

“Mega Data” Platform for Dynamic Analysis of Drug/Stimuli Effect from Molecular to Whole Human Body System

Global analysis requires integration of enormous amounts of data and sophisticated analytical tools since standard bioinformatics and systems biology tools cannot handle the volume and complexity. SystaMedic Inc’s IFA platform is designed to handle the “Megadata” (1018 data points) for analysis multi directionally. 

IFA is an intrinsic tool for analyzing and predicting Emergent Behavior resulting from dynamic network - network interactions in the Information Flow . IFA uses topology constraints for transforming noisy, incomplete and multi-dimensional life sciences data into actionable information. (more)

Information Flow Analysis Detailed White Paper 


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